Don't eat garden veg, toxicologist tells Chemours plant locals

Dutch women beat Denmark in European football championships

People living near the Chemours chemical factory in Dordrecht have been advised not to eat fruit or vegetables from their own gardens because the ground may be polluted, the Volkskrant said on Friday. Toxicologists from Amsterdam’s VU University say the area around the Teflon factory is far more seriously contaminated with the toxic chemical GenX than had been believed. The scientists reached their conclusions after analysing samples of soil and vegetable matter growing near the factory. They found the concentrations of GenX in the leaves of plants and the grass in a radius of more than a kilometre around the plant to be so high that there is a possible risk to public health. The carcinogenic perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA, also known as C8), which was used in to make Teflon prior to 2012, has also been found in plants and trees in far higher concentrations than expected. ‘Because grass and leaves die and are mown you would only expect to find low concentrations of PFOA concentrations after five years,’ toxicologist Jacob de Boer told the paper. Vegetables Martin van den Berg, a toxicologist at the University of Utrecht says people living near the plant should stop eating produce from their gardens and the government should carry out further analysis as soon as possible to find out how great the risk is to public health. ‘The poison is not only in the leaves but in the entire crop, because the plant also absorbs contaminated water through the roots,’ he told the Volkskrant. Last weekend the AD reported that GenX had been identified in tap water in at least six places in Zuid Holland province. Permit The company has a permit to pump 6,400 kilos of waste water containing GenX into the river. In April, the AD reported that officials want the permit changed to reduce the discharge to 2,000 kilos and then a stop altogether. In May it emerged that blood tests on people living close to the former DuPont chemical plant showed that some have too much C8 in their blood. A Chemours spokesman told the paper that PFOA has not been used at the site in Dordrecht since 2012. The company said ‘further calculations are needed to show that PFOA has been able to reach the grass and the leaves of trees from the earth and the ground water.’  More >

Green light for Amsterdam bike bridge

Dutch women beat Denmark in European football championships Amsterdam city council on Thursday evening voted in favour of the controversial plan to build bicycle-pedestrian bridge linking the city centre with its fast-growing northern flank. The Javafietsbrug will cross the busy IJ waterway at Java island to the east of the central rail station, news website reported on Friday. The vote simultaneously opened a can of worms involving the many factions who favour a Java island crossing by tunnel. In fact, the city council is just about the only party involved which backs the bridge. The Java island project will be the first fixed link across the IJ. No official starting date has been set for the construction of the bridge, nor is there any firm idea of what it will look like. Projected costs are also rather vague at 'tens of millions' of euros. The transport department Rijkswaterstaat, which controls traffic on Dutch waterways, and caretaker infrastructure minister Melanie Schultz are the leading proponents of the tunnel scheme. And since they also control the funding of bridge and tunnel projects in the Netherlands they are not easily dismissed. 'The proposed bicycle bridge would have to be at least 11.35 metres above the surface of the water. It would be handy to have an electric bike on that bridge,' Schultz has said. Schultz also said the bridge would be a hindrance to shipping on the IJ, a viewpoint shared by the port authority which noted that bridges distort radar in foggy weather. Ironically the bridge would have to close several times an hour to allow the passage of ships and yachts higher than 11 metres.  More >

Dutch women book second football win

Dutch women beat Denmark in European football championships The Dutch women's football team's 1-0 victory over Denmark in the ongoing European championships was watched on television by 2.2 million people on Thursday night. The high score made the game the most popular item on television that day, broadcaster NOS said. The first Dutch match, in which Oranje beat Norway 1-0, was watched by 2.1 million people. The Netherlands meet Belgium on Monday in their third group A game. 🇳🇱 The Netherlands go three points clear of Denmark & Belgium in Group A. 💪#WEURO2017 — UEFA Women's EURO (@UEFAWomensEURO) July 20, 2017 Match report and comment  More >

Rotterdam fishmonger has best herring

Dutch women beat Denmark in European football championships Rotterdam fishmonger Ruud den Haan sells the best Dutch herring in the country, according to the annual herring test organised by the AD. Den Haan's herring took the maximum 10 points from the judges for their 'full, creamy and salty' taste. 'They are a prime example of everything that makes the Hollandse Nieuwe a real delicacy,' the judges said. Every year the AD checks the herring on sale at around 150 fishmongers throughout the country. This year, 48 scored an eight or more while 31 scored 2.5 or below. De Haan told the AD that he picks up his fish from the Scheveningen fish market at 5am four times a week. He also picks out the fish himself. The full list will be published in Saturday's AD. Eight key facts about Dutch herring  More >

Reduced jail for Dutchman jailed in China

Dutch women beat Denmark in European football championships A Dutchman jailed for 12 years in China for killing a neighbour has had the sentence cut to 4.5 years on appeal, broadcaster NOS said on Friday. Harm Fitie has already served two years in jail after being found guilty of pushing his neighbour off the roof of their home. Fitie claims the man was drunk and lost his footing. The Chinese appeal court ruled that Fitie had a role in the death and the fact that he tried to resuscitate him was a sign of guilt and remorse. However the charge was reduced from manslaughter to negligence, resulting in the shorter sentence. Fitie's father, who was in court, said he was relieved the sentence has been cut but had hoped his son would be found not guilty. 'Of course it is a disappointment that someone who is clearly innocent is jailed for 4.5 years,' he said.   More >